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REIKI (pronounced Ray-Kee) is a natural healing technique involving the laying-on of hands (over clothing) to channel the energy of unconditional love in a particular pattern of movements. Simple and effective, gentle yet stimulating, non-intrusive and safe, it encourages the body’s own innate wisdom to heal itself by going to the “core” of the problem. It promotes a holistic balance of body, mind and spirit.

Very gentle but very powerful, when carried out correctly it also energises the practitioner (the “Channel”).

Courses include clearing negativity and developing increased spiritual awareness, and Diplomas are issued on completion.


Carried out over two days, this workshop covers all aspects of spiritual awareness and spiritual growth. Dealing with Energy Fields, Balancing Chakra’s, Clearing and Seeing Aura’s, Talking with Angels, Spirit Guides and more.

Move towards your Higher Self and learn the importance of Balance and Inner Peace.

Enjoy being in the company of like minded people. Experience the joy of Deep Meditation and realise how beneficial this can be. Clear your mind in order to work on a higher level involving Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit Guides and enjoy this wonderful journey of enlightenment.

Most people end this course with a heightened sense of well-being.


This two day seminar concentrates mainly on the area of self change.

Introducing many “tools for change” including “Acceptance/Awareness/Action”, “Act As If” and others, the aim is to identify and overcome self defeating / self destructive learned behaviours, and start moving towards becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

With a little HOPE -

Honesty Openness Patience Effort

you can learn how to banish negativity, take full responsibility for your life instead of blaming others, and become someone that you, yourself, can respect and admire.

Learn to like yourself!


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Joan Lesley