About International Clairvoyant Joan Lesley

About International Clairvoyant Joan Lesley

Born in Exeter in the county of Devon, England, I cannot remember a time when I wasn't aware of my psychic abilities, but that is hardly surprising given my ancestry. Both my Mother and Grandmother were gifted in this area and were well known for it in the local community. And according to family history it goes back much further than that.

In my younger years though, it was all kept in the background as I busied myself raising children and pursuing a career in retail fashion management. Then moves up the ladder into training and personnel made me aware that most of all I liked working with people, so when family circumstances caused me to end my business career, the move to counselling and all things metaphysical seemed almost pre-ordained.

I have travelled quite a lot, and many overseas clients have stayed with me through the years. Prior to moving to Australia I was well known throughout the UK for the "Rainbows Clairvoyant Experience". This was a psychic fair that my husband and I organised and which I appeared in, together with other clairvoyants, at hotel venues around England and Wales.

In addition to my readings, I am also a trained counsellor and have given ongoing help to many clients, dealing with a wide variety of problems, e.g. relationships; grief; drug & alcohol abuse; life strategies etc. To help in this respect, in 1995 we started the "Rainbows Group" in our home city of Exeter. This was a self help/personal development/support group for people with emotional / living problems who felt the need to change and move forward in their lives. The group met twice weekly, and many years  after moving to Australia we are still in touch with some of those that attended.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how we work and the guidance, advice and comfort that we offer our clients, and we look forward to speaking to you very soon.

Take care - and have a great day!

Courses available:

Reiki 1 / Reiki 11 / Reiki Master / Seichim / Spiritual Awareness 1 & 2 (Personal Growth).

For further information, appointments etc call: 0061 8822366255

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