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The Gift. The Knowledge. The Skills.

Passed from mother to daughter for many generations in my family, give amazing and valuable insights into current situations and what the future holds.

Cartomancy (Playing Cards) is my favourite tool, but I also count Mediumship, Psychometry, Numerology and Spiritual Healing among my many gifts. My work is well known and there are many that can testify to my abilities. I have appeared on TV and Radio many times, both in the UK and here in South Australia where I have been living since 1996. My readings last approximately 50 minutes and can be recorded on your mobile phone for your convenience and future reference, and though the information alone won't change your life, it may help you to make some decisions that will.

Long Distance/Overseas

For those that can't get to me in person, old and new long distance/overseas friends are catered for by telephone, and all that is missing is my smiling face! Normally these readings are carried out at home, outside normal working hours, so just get in touch and we can organise it.

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